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Pile Driving
Alberta Owned and Operated
Pile Driving
Pile Driving Service
Fast to rig up and out, our truck mounted tri axle pile driving unit is versatile and mobile. Equipped with a 4000 lb hydraulic drop hammer and can drive up to 13 meter piles from 3” to 20” in diameter.
Pile driving application include:
- Conductor Barrels
- Bridges
- Retaining Walls
- Utility Towers
- Communication Towers
- Signs
- Refineries
- Oil Batteries
- Pump Jacks
- Separator Tanks
- Gas Compressors
- Oil Sands
- Above-ground Pipelines and Facilities
TR105 Watson 1100CM Crawler Mounted Drill & Rigs
Capable of drilling to depths of 15.24m
This drill rig is designed with a kelly 6” outer/4 ¼” inner 5/8” wall x 50’ drill depth, inner kelly winch 18,000 lbs capacity with controlled freefall, service winch PL5 4,500 lbs capacity